Through the Ridges & Rivers Book Festival Art Show, we seek to celebrate the rich and varied
partnership between the literary and visual arts. We invite visual artists to explore and push the
boundaries of this connection by submitting original artwork reflecting or linked to the world of
books and writing. Jurors will select and curate work that is born of the entwined traditions.



Option 1: Juried, Multi-Media Art Show with $300 worth of prizes awarded

• Open to professional and aspiring visual artists. May submit up to 2 unique pieces. These pieces will be judged for awards

Option 2: Multi-Media Art Show

• Open to any artist who does not wish for their artwork to be evaluated by judges and award consideration. May submit up to 2 unique pieces.

All work must fit the show’s purpose, prompts, and process.



• Ridges & Rivers Book Festival page line: “Where Ideas Take Flight”

• Design a cover or illustrate a book you love or always wanted to write

• Share a memory of your experience with books or literature

• Use discarded books to recreate a new object or image

• Create an original, visual story book

• Create a “portrait” of a literary “star.”

• Bring your own ideas…


Deadline: April 14, 2024. Submit forms, photos, and artist’s statement:

1. Complete this form

2. Complete an Artist Statement AND email photographs of art in .jpg or .png format to

Artists who are selected through the jurying process will be contacted to arrange delivery details between April 18-April 24.

Contact us before completing these steps for any entry weighing over 20 pounds.

Exhibit entries will each display a title card identifying the individual artist. The artists may also choose to include contact information.



Images and content must be appropriate for public display (determined by the Art Committee of the Ridges & Rivers Book Festival).

Up to two (2) unique entries per artist (a separate entry form for each piece must be submitted.)

Each entry must be an original work by the participating artist.

Use of clip art is prohibited, and no elements should conflict with any existing copyrighted works.

By submitting your artwork, you authorize the book festival and its partners to post your entry on our websites indefinitely and grant the right to use and display prints of your artwork for marketing purposes.

Work must be constructed safely and be suitable for transport, handling, and display prior to delivery.

No wet paint or media that may rub off or contaminate other artwork or materials when handled.

Entry shall be display-ready: Hanging hardware, protective frame, mat, glass or acrylic, if needed.

Questions? Contact Maggie Strittmater